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Boundary Disputes

The best advice we can offer if you are becoming involved in a Boundary Dispute, is to settle it in a friendly manner with your neighbour. Litigation should be the last resort as the costs involved can be substantial. A simple and less expensive way of resolving a Boundary dispute, where both parties are digging their heels in, is to both agree to appoint an Independent Surveyor to act as an Expert in the matter.
The Surveyor will be appointed by both parties who should agree to be bound by the decision. We can arrange this for you. If the above method cannot be agreed and you require Independent advice from a Chartered Surveyor, we can place you in touch with an Expert to act on your behalf and if necessary give evidence in Court proceedings.
If you are involved in a Boundary dispute to request a quote
An extension to a dwelling may require planning permission and/or building regulations approval. If you intend to change the roof structure of a dwelling, this may need planning approval and will almost certainly need building regulations approval. This will include for example the creation of an additional room within the loft. Some domestic extensions will be within what is known as permitted development guidelines but may still require building regulations approval.