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Project Management


Project Management
Services Available
1. Site selection.
2. Analysis.
3. Agency, valuation, funding and relocation.
4. Legal services.
5. Consultant appointments.
6. Brief, design and quality control.
7. Reporting and meetings.
8. Programming.
9. Capital budgeting.
10. Construction economics and financial management.
11. Cash flow.
12. Local authority and planning approvals.
13. Contract procedures.
14. Contract management.
15. Building, management, commissioning, and maintenance.
16. Tenancies and fitting out.

1. Site selection
Liaise with the Consultants in advising the Client on arrangement of market appraisals, structural and either surveys, soil investigations, valuations and models,
2. Analysis
Co-ordinate the preparation of initial viability studies. Advise the Client on the need for research and feasibility studies.
3. Agency, valuation, funding and relocation
3.1. Liaise with funding institution.
3.2. Liaise with ground landlord.
3.3. Liaise with agents on investigation of sources and methods of development financing.
3.4. Liaise with agents on the publicising, acquisition, valuation and disposal of land and property.
3.5. Liaise with agents on co-ordination of client
3.6. Liaise with Client/agents on leasing, rating, maintenance, installation of services, insurance, tenants' queries and arrangements for pre-lets.
4. Legal services
4.1. Co-ordinate the legal agents on acquisition title, leasing, restrictive covenants, funding, finance agreements and other matters concerning ownership and Co-ordinate the activities of legal agents on acquisition, letting
 4.2. Obtain a full understanding of all contracts and direct the Consultants accordingly.
5. Consultant appointments
5.1 Advise the Client on the need for and make recommendations for the appointment of other consultants by the Client.
5.2 Cheek and advice the Client on terms of consultant appointments and fee structures. Cheek that Consultant’s responsibilities and information production are cleared stated. Advise on the need for duty of care warranties.
5.3 Advise the Client to check professional indemnity assurances of Consultants, and arrange any necessary further cheeks.
5.4 Determine with the Client the limit of the authority of the architect to issue instructions without obtaining the Client’s or the Project manager’s prior approval
5.5 Advise the Client on the need for and appointment of a clerk of works and other site supervisory staff.
5.6 Monitor the performance of Consultants, clerk of works and contractors in the performance of their duties and the discharge of their responsi­bilities-
6 Brief, design and quality control
6.1 Co-ordinate with Consultants the preparation of the design brief. Amplify the design brief as necessary during design development. Incor­porate any changes and obtain Client authorisation.  Issue to Consultants.
 6.2 Establish the responsibilities of Consultants, contractors and sub-contractors.
 6.3 Report consultant scheme design proposals to Client.
 6.4 Report preferred components, drawings and specifications prepared by Consultants to the Client and obtain approval. Arrange amend­ments, if required, and submit final proposals to Client for approval.
 6.5 Check that Consultants review buildability and technical design of proposals with specialist contractors.
 6.6 Establish procedures for checking, compliance with designs and specifications and monitor standards of workmanship and materials.
 6.7 In conjunction with Consultants, advise on the need for quality assurance schemes, defects insurance and product inaccuracies.
7. Reporting and meetings
7.1 Establish appropriate channels of communication between members of the project team.
 7.2 Establish meetings structure. Lay down pro­cedure for convening, chairing, attendance, function, frequency and responsibility for recording of meetings and circulation of information. Monitor communications and distribution of information.
 7.3 Check appropriate information is provided to the Client. Notify the Client of decisions required from him.
 7.4 Agree with Consultants their reporting and recording procedures.
 7.5 Convene and chair all principal project meetings.
8 Programming
8.1 In conjunction with Consultants, prepare and maintain a master programme from concept to completion to record principal activities and identify critical dates. Verify and incorporate Consultants programs for production of detailed design information. Monitor progress.
8.2 Cheek that applications for statute consent, government grants etc. are submitted in accordance with the master program.
8.3 Advise the Client of changes, recommend appropriate action and obtain authorization.
 8.4 Check, in conjunction with the design Consultants, the contractors program seek clarification of contractors programming proposals and if necessary and incorporate these into master program.
9 Capital budgeting
9.1 Monitor the Consultants in the preparation of budget costs, and present feasibility studies to the Client for approval.
 9.2 In conjunction with the Consultants, prepare and maintain a master cost plan. Advise the Client of and alterations required and obtain authorisation' for changes.

10 Construction economics and financial management
10.1 Advise on commissioning, capital and the life cycle cost studies of alternative designs and materials. Advise Client on energy budgeting. Advise client on appropriate financial procedures for risk assessment and for tax provision.
I0.2 Advise the Client on appropriate procedures for dealing with insurance claims and agree and changes required to Consultants fee arrangements generated by them.
10.3 Cheek that the Consultants are providing adequate and timely, information for the preparation of tender documentation.
10.4 Arrange with Client authorization of costs of variations when limit of authority. is exceeded and check that costs are being agreed.
10.5 Report to the Client at regular intervals giving forecast of final costs, including costs of variations and the cost implications of extensions of time, and forecast completion dates.
10.6 Cheek that Consultants prepare regular valuations and payment certificates of the contractors works valued in accordance with the building contract. Check that valuations and certificates are correctly circulated.
10.7 Check. in conjunction with Consultants, fees for statutory approvals and arrange payments.
10.8 Check and recommend Consultants' applications for payment.
10.8 Cheek and recommend all other invoices related to the development.
10.10 Check that Consultants prepare final account, and agree settlement.
10.11 Arrange for the Client to obtain advice on taxation implications.
 11 Cash flow
11.1 In conjunction with Consultants, arrange for the preparation and maintenance of cash flow, forecasts and statements for monitoring project expenditure.
11.2 Check and recommend pertinent of Client's copies of certificates. Authorise any other payments due and check against cash flow. Check Client makes payment within the stipulated time.
12 Local authority and planning approvals
12.1 Co-ordinate and support negotiations with planning authorities.
12.2 Check with the architect the form and content of planning applications. Progress the planning process and arrange to cheek off, all approval/refusal documents is carried out by the project team. Check that Consultants implement and deal with and conditions attached to a planning consent.
12.3 Check with the Consultants what other statute approvals are required and that applications for approval are submitted. Check that Consult­ants apply for amendments to statutes, approvals ranted when required.
12.4 Check that the Consultants obtain clearance from health and safety and fire officers.
13 Contract procedures
13.1 Decide with Consultants the selection and method of appointment of preferred/nominated subcontractors and agree extent of design and specifications to be included in tender document. Advise the Client accordingly.
13.2 Decide with Consultants procurement procedure for selection of contractors. Decide on type of form of contract. Monitor Consultants with the preparation and assembly of tender documents. With the Consultants, check the form and content.
13.3 With the Consultants, prepare list of tenders, conduct interviews, if required, and obtain approval.
13.4 Arrange with Consultants tender analysis; obtain clarification of ambiguities and prepare tender report. If necessary, arrange interviews with tenders. Prepare tender award and obtain instructions.
13.5 Co-ordinate the preparation of contract documents. Arrange for preparation of Coritrictor's duty of care warranty if required. Arrange signatures of parties to the contract.
13.6 Arrange for the Contractor's insurance certificate and renewal of insurance at renewal dates to be checked.
14 Contract management
14.1 Arrange for Client to place orders for long deliver components.
14.2 Advise Client of any works to be carried out under separate direct contract.
14.3 Co-ordinate the Consultants using, reasonable endeavours to secure the provision of information to contractors in an appropriate time scale.
14.4 Check that Consultants are providing adequate supervision in accordance with their terms of appointment and undertaking regular site inspections.
14.5 Check that variations and instructions are being issued and correctly circulated.
14.6 Check that the Consultants fulfil their contractual obligations in assessing and dealing, with extensions of time and issuing the appropriate certificates.
 14.7 Check that the Consultants fulfil their contractual obligations in confirming completion and issuing appropriate certificates of making, good defects and completion.
15 Building management, commissioning and Maintenance
15.1 Liaise with Client/ agents on practical managerial, maintenance problems, provision of maintenance staff, and state of services pending, occupation.
15.2 With consultants and contractors arrange hand after operational tests and full commissioning of services
15.3 Liaise with Clients agents/Constants on commissioning and equipping programmes Arrange for contractors and consultants maintenance and cleaning information maintenance manuals test certificates guarantees operating instructions as built drawings and as installed diagrams to be forwarded to the client.
16 Tenancies and fitting out
16.1 With the Client and Consultants prepare and implement a marketing or promotion campaign.
16.2 Liaise with Client;/agents/solicitors in agreement for lease.
16.3 Procure the preparation of drawings, specifications or other documentation required for marketing or contracts.
16.4 Provide any tenant with information to enable him to prepare fitting out proposals and arrange for client approvals to be obtained.
16.5 On behalf of the Client prepare any regulations necessary to control the undertaking of tenants fitting out.
16.6 Check tenant's fitting, out is monitored, and that the implementation and the works comply with the clients regulations and approvals.
Obtain copies of, or arrange issue of, certificates as appropriate relating to the tenant's fitting out.