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Full Structural Survey

The surveyor will carry out a structural survey to assess the condition of the house. The report of the survey details the surveyors findings, although this report can run over 20 pages it is worth paying attention to the liabilty clauses. One should not assume that a Surveyor can be sued if the house collapses before the move in date.

Often the surveyor will only list visible defects in the building. It is not their job to check behind every cupboard and lift up every carpet. The surveyor will not be able to give you a definitive answer to whether you should buy the house. Often a buyer may view a defect in a different light. Surveyors will attempt to list every defect they can find and even the best houses may seem to be riddled with faults judging by the size of reports. Take into account that the majority of houses will have some defects.

The main reason for the survey is to give you a priced list of minor and serious work needed. The cost of work will tend towards the pessimistic side. Use this list to re approach the seller and negotiate a lower price. If the house price plus the cost of the necessary work is higher than the market value of the property, one should seriously consider whether the house is worth buying.